Chimneys Dismantling
Project of demolition of two chimneys of the power station of Castellón Grao property of Iberdrola. These chimneys, 150 meters high and dating from 1972, were in operation until 2008. Nowdays have already been demolished 20 of about their 150 meters high. The risk of landslides caused by the deterioration of concrete from the towers, after 38 years of operation, "they were a serious threat to people working in the plant, being necessary their demolition." The space occupied by the chimneys will be available for future investment in the site. The dismantling is being made by means of cutting of the Chimneys in rings, varying in size and weight for height that is, its weight ranges from 20 tons in the top to 70 ton on the bottom. The cut of the Rings is being done with diamond elements (diamond wire machines and water-cooled disc) and are downloaded by a LR-1400 crane with a boom of 163 meters long. Once deposited on the ground, the pieces are being demolished.