The covered plaza of the City of the Arts will have a maximum height of 85 meters and a cost of 41.3 million euros
The large covered square of the City of Arts will have a maximum capacity for 5,000 people seated, with what will become in fact the largest audience of Valencia.
 Five thousand people sitting, people in many municipalities in the Region, may attend any conference, event or social event in the Agora, the great square cover designed by architect Santiago Calatrava for the City of the Arts. The site where the spectacular rise structure, which reach 70 feet without running into the sides.
The three companies awarded contracts for the work are Valencian. Lubasa, Alcisa Rover Cyes and execute the project with a budget of 41.3 million euros.
The hydraulic system allowing the opening of the side of the Agora has the primary function to assist the ventilation of the square, although the deck concourse will have its own climate, both summer and winter. Holes in the floor let the air out with a technique similar to that used in the Science Museum. The bottom of the Agora will be dominated by the trencadís and tone that will prevail throughout the whole glass will be the blue Mediterranean. Escuchar Leer fonéticamente Diccionario - Ver diccionario detallado